This is a picture of cress. I can’t wait to read it. She is extremely pretty. Also a lot of good things happen in cress as well. My friends give out a lot of spoiler alerts, so I know a lot about it already.

Scarlet continued

So right now I just put the book down, it took a lot of effort but I did it. I did it because the teacher was threatening to take the book away from me.

It is so good right now. Scarlet is captured by the lsop a lunar special operative. Right now her boyfriendish thing is half traitor half loyal. What’s up with him? It is extremely confusing right now.

Ancient memories

Looking back into kindergarten memories and old pictures of family while looking at recent pictures is a very big compare and contrast. Now I know why people say I look so grown up. I still remember how i lost every single tooth and how they looked when they finally grew back in as adults. You don’t realize that you’ve changed so much until you start looking into your reflection and realize that you changed way more than you thought. Have you ever though of that.


Continuing on the book cinder, I finally finished! Yay! Now I’m reading scarlet. It’s even better than cinder. Now it switches in between scarlet/wolf and cinder/Thorne. Cinder is an escaped lunar/cyborg and Thorne is a run away American republic space cadet, literally. Can’t wait to read more


graduation is going to be awesome. i am going to wear a sundress dress that is the color of the sun. it has straps that meet in between your collar bones and has a gathered bodice. it is a little higher than knee length by about an inch and a half. my hair is going to be wavy and pined up in a big flower. to top this off i will me wearing golden colored hoop earrings with diamonds.

almost summer

its almost summer!!!!!!! i cant wait. no offence ms. sikking. summer is going to be so much fun!!!!!! i am going to hang out all summer at the beach and go surf and hang out with friends!!!!!!!

when i go back to school for about a week i will have a sunburn, then it will turn into a glorious tan and then all the dim lighting and clouded classrooms will make my tan will die out and i will turn the color of a ghost. better enjoy the tan while i can.


when is winter coming out? its the fourth book in this series that im reading called the lunar chronicals. i wonder what she is going to look like? what is the whole plot.

i cant wait for it to come out. i already read all the books p.s. scarlet gets kidnapped.

runaway dog

today my dog got into BIG trouble. my mom and i were cleaning up my room and we turned our backs for about 30 seconds, and the wind blows the screen door open and my dog goes running out of the house. he runs all the way to the cafe down the street. probaly to go chase pigeons or something. we look all arond but we dont see him around the house. so we look up the street, and there he is about 2 blocks away chasing pigeons.he is in very big trouble now.


FINALLY. i just started is so intimidating not to yell out in the middle of class dont do it!!!!! or, oh no she didnt! or, thats so sad. or, good luck with that one. so whats happening next? does cress get rescued from her satilite or is she going to die before she has the chance to be saved by the crew,p.s. cress is in love with thorne, and thorne is part of the crew.

mistress is going to be furious that she ran away, and helped the lunar/cyborg girl that the queen wants to behead.

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